Governance for Learning Outcomes in European Policy-Making:
Qualification Frameworks Pushed through the Open Method of policy Coordination

The article was recently published in the International Journal for Research in Vocational Education and Training.
The author, Odd Bjørn Ure, discusses the following questions:
1. How can theories on knowledge production inform analyses of governance
of Learning Outcomes and qualification frameworks at a national and
European level?
2. The de facto inclusion of the Learning Outcome discourse in the Open
Method of policy-Coordination accentuates network forms of governance
and multi-level policy-making: how can this pattern regulate the
involvement of societal actors and interest groups affected by this

3. Which governance instruments are being used for promoting the shift to
Learning Outcomes?
4. What does the usage of such governance instruments reveal about the
possibility that the aims behind the proclaimed shift will be reached?

The entire text can be downloaded here: